Shipping Rules

Rule #1.
It is our policy, under strong "suggestion" from the ATF that we should only ship a firearm to an FFL and only after we get an ink-signed copy of the dealer's license. There may be a circumstance where this isn't possible. See Rule #1a.

With new regulations having been passed in 2005 we are able to accept a fax of the dealer's license, which helps facilitate the shipping process. Make sure your FFL number is legible please.

Rule #1a.
We will accept a transfer from a non-FFL party, however, we will need to have a copy of a picture ID sent with the firearm. Once again, we will not accept any firearm without some sort of identification

Rule #2.
We will not ship a firearm before we receive payment as well as the copy of your dealer's license...remember Rule #1?

Rule #3.
At this time we only accept cash, money order or check as payment.  A personal check will be held until it clears. We usually hold checks a week.

 Hand-guns are shipped        USPS Priority Mail  or  UPS Overnight

 Long Guns are shipped:      UPS or FedEx Ground or  USPS Priority Mail (much more expensive to ship this way)

We will be happy to provide your FFL with a tracking number when we ship your firearms, so it helps if you can ask your dealer to provide an email address or fax number when sending the copy of his license if possible.

Ordering and Payment

We are a small outfit which is why we have to keep our prices low and our customer satisfaction high. We don’t keep lots of stock in inventory because we just don’t have the space! We do, however, have great relationships with our vendors. We will do our utmost to insure that you don’t wait any longer than absolutely necessary to receive your order.


  •  You can print and use the fax/order form found on this website so you have all of your information available no matter how you're going to place your order.
  • If you're going to fax your order to us the number is 603-664-5419. 

  •  Give us a call at 603-664-9972 if you wish to order directly from us. If you have any questions Joe will be more than happy to help you. If he is not available Kathie will take a message so Joe can call you back as soon as possible with your information.

  • Checks will be accepted, but are held until they clear. We usually hold them for a week.

    Money orders are accepted as cash so there isn't any surcharge for these transactions.



    This is important!

    We do not use any of your information for any purpose other than to ship and receive payment for your purchases. We do not sell names or any other personal information. We value our federal license and act accordingly...that's just the way we do business.