About Owners Joe and Kathie Bystrek 

Joe began his love of hunting and fishing as a young boy growing up in Middletown, CT. He left his home and family when he joined the Air Force in 1968 and did his tour of duty in Viet Nam. Joe was stationed at Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, NH at the time he separated from the Air Force in 1975. Joe was no stranger to New Hampshire having spent many years as a child on vacation in the Henniker area with his parents, brothers and sisters, so when he left the Air Force where else would he call home?  A few years later Indian Village Firearms was born when Joe got his federal license so he could help his hunting buddies buy the guns they needed at reasonable prices.

Kathie also grew up in Middletown, CT right down the street from Joe and his family. She and Joe attended many of the same schools from early grammar school through high school. They even dated during junior and senior years and went their separate ways when Joe went into the Air Force.  Kathie never had too much contact with firearms, although her dad and grandfather would often go hunting for the odd squirrel or pheasant to put on the table. Crying Eagle Imports was established after the tragedy of 9/11/01 and can offer import services to our retail customers who wish to import legal firearms into the USA.