Transfer Agent

When buying or selling a gun on an auction site or moving into the state of New Hampshire with your firearms we will be happy to transfer them into our state for you.

If you're new to the transfer process here is all you have to do:

If you have won an auction

  • We'll need some information from the dealer who will be sending your purchase to our shop; such as name, address, email address (if available), phone and fax numbers. With the latest federal legislation it is permissable to use a fax copy of their license for our records. Some dealers do not have this capability or would rather have an original copy for their file and if that is the case we'll need mailing address. Your dealer should not send the firearm until we send a copy of our license. Please ask your dealer to put your name and firearm on the ffl being sent to us so we can match you up with your gun once it gets here.
  • Once the dealer has gotten our license you should ask if we can have the tracking numbers so we can keep an eye out for your purchase.
  • When your gun gets here we'll give you a call and you can come to the shop where you'll fill out the "yellow sheet" and Joe will do the background check with either the state for handguns or ATF for long guns.

If you are selling on an auction and sending a gun to an FFL

Just bring the gun over to our shop and we'll ship it out along with the ink-signed copy of our license. Most dealers will want the tracking numbers when we ship the firearm to them so make sure we have a phone number or email address so we can contact them once we have shipped.

Transfer Costs

Whether you're shipping out and bringing in the cost of transferring a firearm is only $10. There are no hidden charges or surprises with our transfer process.