Effective September 7, 2021 the US State Department has published a notice in the Federal Register on Russian sanctions. 

Quote from the NSSF, "Any ATF Form 6's (import permit) applications to permanently import Russian-made firearms or ammunition will be denied and no new Form 6's will be processed going forward until and unless the sanction is lifted."

This sanction applies to all Russian-made firearms/ammo no matter where they are currently located. I will not attempt to import these firearms, so please don't ask.

The following forms need to be completed and sent to us before we can apply for your license to ship your firearms:

 1. Request for Importation of Firearms.

a)      Name, address, phone & FAX of foreign seller                              b)      Name, address, phone & FAX of foreign shipper if needed         c)      Name, address, phone & FAX of USA end-user                            d)      Name, address, phone &FAX of USA FFL dealer, if different than  end-user                                                                                                       e)      Manufacturer & country of manufacture, type, caliber, model,         barrel length in inches, overall length in inches, whether new       or used and dollar value for each firearm                                               f)       End use of firearms, e.g., collection, resale, sport shooting, etc.

2. 5 Year Letter

If your firearms are categorized as military, police or government models or curio & relic you will need to complete additional documentation. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (BATF) requires proof that it has been in the country of exportation for the past five- (5) years. You must have a receipt, document or statement that they have been in the foreign country for at least five (5) years. This “5 Year Letter” must be the original copy since FAX copies are no longer accepted. An example of this letter is attached. Once all this information is sent to us we can apply for your license. Insuring that all of your information is clear and concise will help the process go along more smoothly.

3. Copy of the Airway bill from your shipper

4. Commercial Invoice and Packing slip from your foreign seller 

Of course, you must realize that we cannot guarantee every firearm you want to import will be approved. Assault weapons, machine guns, many US military weapons and most .25, .32 and .380 caliber pistols will not be allowed. The U.S. Department of State is continually changing the list of “friendly” countries that we can receive guns from, which has a great bearing on what we can import.

Once we have the approved import permit we will fax the foreign shipper a copy of the approved permit along with instructions for packing, addressing and documents needed to go along with the shipment.

It is important that all firearms be shipped in sturdy containers that can be opened by US Customs, if needed, and resealed. If you follow the instructions for shipping and documentation this helps to speed along the process and eliminate any time-consuming handling by Customs.

Prices subject to change without notice.

1.      Fee for processing of import permit, up to 10 guns             $250.00

       Each additional firearm                                                                       $15.00

This is a non-refundable fee and must be paid before we submit your application. We do not refund this fee in case of rejection by the BATF. Approval is usually received in about 6 weeks.

2.      Engraving mark, per gun                                                                        $5.00

U.S. law states that we must engrave all modern firearms (manufactured after 1898), with our identifying mark. We will make every effort to do this as discreetly as possible.

3.       Shipping from us to your FFL your                                                     TBD

We will need a copy of your FFL's license, faxed copies are acceptable. We will enclose a copy of our license in the box with the firearm.

Okay, here are the costs that we have little control over:

These costs include shipping and insurance from your shipper to us, broker fees, any applicable storage fees, duty, etc. Some of these costs need to be paid by you, the shipper, at the time of shipment. See “Payment Options” below. DO NOT send them freight collect, please!

When your shipment gets into Boston Logan International Airport Customs, we must pay the duty and customs broker fees. Those actual costs will be billed to you along with the freight charges to get them from us to your US FFL holder. Customs broker fees run about $335-$350. Duty is approximately 3% of the value of the shipment. The firearms will be shipped once all costs have been paid. You will be liable for all of these fees even if there is an error made by our agents or customs personnel.

It is imperative that you do not ship any firearms until all necessary documentation is in place. My freight forwarder(Tigers (USA) Global Logistics) will advise me of any  instructions for packing; further documentation applicable and where to ship.

Payment Options: We accept wire transfers between banking institutions (please ask me for the information if you wish to pay by international wire transfer), money order, certified bank check or business check in USD funds made out to "Kathleen M. Bystrek, Crying Eagle Imports/CEI", as well as Master Card or VISA credit cards, which will be accessed an additional 3%of your payment as stated in the fee schedule. Your credit card statement will show “Indian Village Firearms”. 

Once we have the approved import permit our Customs broker will be present in Customs to accept the shipment with the original permit. Due to the Federal liability to us, the owner or shipper cannot clear or hand-carry items through US Customs and we will report infractions. Crying Eagle Imports will then pick up the shipment from our Customs broker and bring it to our location. When your shipment gets to us we will determine the most cost effective way to ship to you, UPS or FedEx for long guns and USPS or UPS for handguns. 

This can be a long and drawn-out process and we appreciate your patience and understanding through the process. We are at the mercy of the others and are not able to give you any schedules or timetables for shipping or arrival of your firearms.

We appreciate your allowing Crying Eagle Imports to handle this process for you.

Contract You will need to sign and return with copy of your purchase order and any other necessary documentation. We will not proceed with your license if you do not sign the contract.

Our Import Request for you to use if you wish

Sample of 5 Year Letter